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About JLS

Located in Union City, California, SACBC Japanese Language School, also known by its families as simply "JLS," is one of the oldest Japanese language schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Established in 1964 by families of the Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church, today JLS offers non-denominational Japanese language classes for students in kindergarten through the 12th grade. JLS is also one of the few Japanese language schools in the area accredited to provide high school language credit.


JLS offers three course tracks: Japanese, Bilingual and High School Credit. 


JLS' Japanese course track is designed for students from non-Japanese speaking households and is open to students from kindergarten through 12th grade.


JLS' Bilingual course track is designed for students from Japanese speaking households and is open to students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

high school credit

JLS' High School Credit course track is designed for high students who wish to receive high school language credit.*

*JLS is currently only offering high school language credit for the Fremont Unified School District. Students seeking language credit for high schools in other school districts should contact their school district. JLS makes no guarantee that language credits can be obtained. Language credits for all school districts require that students attend a minimum number of class hours. 

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Information on JLS' academic year, class schedule and class information is  below.

academic year

JLS' academic year generally tracks the academic calendars of the Fremont and Newark School Districts. For JLS' current academic calendar please click the link below.

class schedule

During the academic year, classes are held on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


Classes for high school students seeking high school language credit are held on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

class size

Class sizes vary but generally range from 5 to 12 students per class. Due to limitations in the number of classrooms and varying enrollment each year, students of different ages may be placed in the same class depending on language proficiency, although efforts are made to keep students of similar ages in the same class.


Information on registering at JLS and fee information is below.

SACBC JLS operates as a co-operative or co-op, meaning that we rely on our families to run the school. This helps to ensure that the school can offer a high quality education and keep tuitions affordable.   What it also means is that you have a say in how the school operates through participation as an officer on the school's Board of Directors and in your student's education by helping with the school's various events. It’s a great way to meet other parents and to get involved in your student’s education.

  • Registration priority is given to continuing students, followed by siblings of continuing students, and then new students.

  • Current students intending on continuing enrollment for the upcoming school year and siblings of continuing students who wish to enroll for the upcoming school year are encouraged to complete their Intent to Re-Enroll form typically sent out at the end of the current school year by the deadline indicated. Once the deadline has passed enrollment will be open to new students.

  • New students interested in enrolling for the upcoming school year can send an inquiry by submitting their contact information, name of the student, grade of the student, and language proficiency using the form located at the bottom of the website.


  • Fees will vary depending on whether there is more than one student from the same family enrolled at JLS, if the family is a temple member or has already paid SACBC affiliate membership fees through another affiliated organization of SACBC (e.g., Athletic Association (Basketball), Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Kendo or Taiko), and whether the student is seeking high school language course credit. Families should generally expect fees to be around $1,600 (or $2,600 with school language course credit) each academic school year, per student. 

Registration and Fees

In addition to academic coursework, JLS hosts and participates in a number of activities. Among the activities hosted by JLS include our annual Undokai (children's Olympic Games), Mochitsuki (New Year's activity), a holiday party, open house, and graduation day.

As a subsidiary of SACBC, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, JLS participates in fundraising and cultural activities of SACBC including SACBC's annual Bazaar (Summer festival), fireworks sale booth, and Bingo.

staff and board

teaching staff


Japanese 1

Japanese 2

Japanese 3

Japanese 4

Bilingual 2

Aya Iwasuji

Kaori Miller

Mai Jansson

Mai Polo Carres

Taeko Johnson

Tomoe Asami

Bilingual 3

Tomoko Komori

Bilingual 4

Manami Kaneko

Board of directors



1st Vice President of Instruction

2nd Vice President of Instruction

1st Vice President of Operations

2nd Vice President of Operations

Treasurer - Accounts Payable

Treasurer - Accounts Receivable

Megumi Yokoyama

Pei-yuan Lin

Juliet Masumi

Allyson Takara

Linda Ishiguro

Mai Fujimoto

Kurina Chendra

Hisako Chi

non-board positions

Secretary/High School Credit Coordinator

Jennifer Kitajima

School Photographer

Kaori Miyaji

Internal Auditor

Alice Kang

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